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Grape Harvest in Crete

This week I went to pick grapes. It had rained for a few days and although this was considered good for olives, excessive water at the end of August is never great for grapes. They tend to grow soft and rot easily. But the morning of Wednesday the sun shone brightly so I donned my… Continue reading Grape Harvest in Crete

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The Lakkos Project -Old Part of Heraklion

The island of Crete has 4 major cities and the one I live in, Heraklion, is its capital. So, like all capitals, it has a rather ugly, clinical part of it with modern buildings and the older, neglected part, clearly showing the stark gentrification and the two opposites.  Yet, it has its tiny alleys and… Continue reading The Lakkos Project -Old Part of Heraklion

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Carob Cup Cakes

The carob bean trade started around the 4th century BCE, making it one of the most sought after products around the Mediterranean. This pod which resembles a tamarind to us Asians, once  heavily influenced trade, farming practices, culinary cultures and its many medicinal properties were used to cure illnesses. It was mentioned in religious texts… Continue reading Carob Cup Cakes