Flax Seed Meal Zucchini Fritters

Full of anti-oxidants and omega 3, flax seeds were cultivated in ancient Babylon, as far back as 3000 BCE. As well as adding a crunch to your fritters, flax seeds also help the whole thing bind. Known as Piyaju or pakoras in my part of the world, behold the fritter to beat all fritters 😀


Flax seed meal 150 g (you can crush some flax seeds and keep them coarsely grainy, or grainily coarse whichever confuses you less!)

2 small zuchhini, 1 large potato, 1 carrot, all three vegetables grated

Half cup beshon or chickpea powder

1/2 tsp finely chopped chilis (you may omit this in case you find chilis spicy but you still want to try out something new!)

Salt and cumin powder to taste (or about 1 tsp cumin powder for those of you that absolutely HATE this form of vagueness…)

Half cup chopped parsley (you may use coriander leaves) or mint

½ cup olive oil

Yoghurt Dip:

1/2 cup Greek yoghurt or hung yoghurt (as opposed to the hung over yoghurt that well, basically is practically useless!)

pinch of cumin powder as well as roasted cumin seeds and rock/black salt

1/2 tsp garlic paste

1 tsb mint leaves, in a paste form or reallllly finely chopped (mutilated rather)


Make a pasty mix of the flax seed meal, the beshon and add the coriander/mint, salt, chilis, cumin powder and mix well. It should have the consistency of a paste so when you let it drop off a spoon, it lands in big chunks. Strain the shredded vegetables through a cloth to remove excess water and add these to the mix. After mixing them up add the oil and mix one last time. Heat an oven for 5 mins at about 150º C, then prepare a tray with a baking sheet. Take a tablespoon, and scoop out a levelled dollop of the mix and pour in onto one the baking sheet. Make as many similar circular shaped dollops. Ensure that they are not too thick or the vegetables will not cook through. Stick into oven and watch as the sides turn golden brown then keep changing them so as not to burn. In case you do burn some, just scrape the burnt parts off and quickly eat them up as if nothing ever happened… Alternately you can just fry the fritters!


The flax seed adds a crunch to the fritters so serve it with the yoghurt dip.

Health Focus: The many benefits of flax seeds make it a true super food and it is considered ideal for weight loss, lowering the body cholesterol and keeping your hair and skin looking great. Flax seeds come packed with Omega 3, fiber and proteins and also helps you clean the colon and is low in carbs.