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World Cup Recipes (Part 2) Finals

The finals have FINALLY arrived and I totally wish Croatia wins over France, simply due to the fact that I want to see a new team take the cup home. So my recipes today come from both Croatia and France. Croatia: The only thing I knew about Croatia was the fact that it was part… Continue reading World Cup Recipes (Part 2) Finals

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World Cup Recipes (part 1)

World Cup fever grips the world as we draw to the finals and like a true lover of this huge sporting event, I am already¬† feeling sad! ūüė¶¬†The range of emotions we all felt during this month long gala where nations like Japan won everyone‚Äôs hearts with their humility and cleanliness; famous players shattered dreams… Continue reading World Cup Recipes (part 1)

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Strawberry Fields are Forever

Strawberry fields are forever was possibly one of the strangest songs I had ever heard growing up and I could never understand why it was called that. I still cant honestly but thats a story for another day perhaps, my struggle to understand music and trying to break into the classics! Today I bring to… Continue reading Strawberry Fields are Forever