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Sri Lanka – Ayobuwan (Welcome) II

In my last post I left you with breakfast at the World Heritage Site of Sigiriya, where the sun tanned my skin and the climb drained me of energy!  I left the city of Dumbulla that day and returned to Colombo where I was greeted with the last of the Durga Puja festivities. After waking up… Continue reading Sri Lanka – Ayobuwan (Welcome) II

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Sri Lanka – Ayubowan! Part 1

From one island to another, I visited Sri Lanka recently and felt right at home being back on an island, after my experience of living in Crete. But the moment I got out of the airport the humidity hit me full blast and I was brutally reminded of being back in Asia. But despite my… Continue reading Sri Lanka – Ayubowan! Part 1

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Strawberry Fields are Forever

Strawberry fields are forever was possibly one of the strangest songs I had ever heard growing up and I could never understand why it was called that. I still cant honestly but thats a story for another day perhaps, my struggle to understand music and trying to break into the classics! Today I bring to… Continue reading Strawberry Fields are Forever

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Shubho Noboborsho – Happy Bangladeshi New Year 1425

The smell of a large, new ledger mingled with that of attor or incense, being served various mishtis when you visit shops, especially jewelry and Old Dhaka shops, Pohela Baishakh or the Bengali New Year is replete with traditions and nuances throughout the Bengal region as well as South East Asia.  Yet, eventhough as we… Continue reading Shubho Noboborsho – Happy Bangladeshi New Year 1425