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Baishakhi Recipes 2018

                                                 I write a recipe column in Bangladesh's English newspaper The Daily Star's weekly magazine called Lifestyle. The recipes are mostly mine unless I choose to feature the recipe from some other… Continue reading Baishakhi Recipes 2018

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World Cup Recipes (Part 2) Finals

The finals have FINALLY arrived and I totally wish Croatia wins over France, simply due to the fact that I want to see a new team take the cup home. So my recipes today come from both Croatia and France. Croatia: The only thing I knew about Croatia was the fact that it was part… Continue reading World Cup Recipes (Part 2) Finals

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World Cup Recipes (part 1)

World Cup fever grips the world as we draw to the finals and like a true lover of this huge sporting event, I am already  feeling sad! 😦 The range of emotions we all felt during this month long gala where nations like Japan won everyone’s hearts with their humility and cleanliness; famous players shattered dreams… Continue reading World Cup Recipes (part 1)

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Strawberry Fields are Forever

Strawberry fields are forever was possibly one of the strangest songs I had ever heard growing up and I could never understand why it was called that. I still cant honestly but thats a story for another day perhaps, my struggle to understand music and trying to break into the classics! Today I bring to… Continue reading Strawberry Fields are Forever

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Shubho Noboborsho – Happy Bangladeshi New Year 1425

The smell of a large, new ledger mingled with that of attor or incense, being served various mishtis when you visit shops, especially jewelry and Old Dhaka shops, Pohela Baishakh or the Bengali New Year is replete with traditions and nuances throughout the Bengal region as well as South East Asia.  Yet, eventhough as we… Continue reading Shubho Noboborsho – Happy Bangladeshi New Year 1425

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Easter 2018 in Crete: Philoxenia Supreme

"Christos Anesti!" "Alithos Anesti"! Those are the two phrases I learnt as Easter approached because I didnt want to be the odd one out not knowing the correct way to greet people celebrating the resurrection of Christ! The Greek orthodox way to celebrate Easter follows their calculation of the day of Passover which does not… Continue reading Easter 2018 in Crete: Philoxenia Supreme